Waruno Mahdi’s

Demonstration at Brandenburger Tor, Berlin
in protest against massacre of Ahmadiyah followers
in Cikeusik, Banten, W. Java

Tuesday, 15 February 2011, 2.00 pm

There were not many of us, and I am personally not given to taking part in political demonstrations. But the occasion was indeed demanding to the conscience of every Indonesian: a wild mob claiming to act in the name of muslim religion attacked and massacred a peaceful Ahmadiyah community, killing three persons in a most barbaric manner (more on this at bottom of the page).
          So when a call came to join in a protest demonstration, I felt compelled to take part.
The action was coorganized by Watch Indonesia Berlin
For a more detailed report on the happenings in Cikeusik, including a video of the massacre, click here 
Not unlike Ku-klux-klan members or neonazis, the attackers at Cikeusik demonstrated their cowardliness in that they too avoided a man-to-man confrontation, but only dared to single out their victims when these were in an extreme minority. At Cikeusik, the attackers numbering several hundred attacked a group of about 25 Ahmadiyah members. This meant about ten or more against one! Even then, they only really let out their inner bestiality on single victims they had managed to isolate from the others.
The mob killed three persons. All three killings were graphically documented. Due to the gruesomeness of the pictures of the murdered victims, I have strongly blurred the images. If you think you have sufficiently strong nerves to bear seeing them unblurred, you can click on the respective pictures (WARNING: absolutely unsuitable for children!):
  Investigations of the barbaric anarchist massacre apparently revealed that it was a well planned action of relatively high-placed persons, well experienced in the organization and logistics of such actions, having sufficient means to recruit suitable agents to lead the action on the spot.
       Person(s) making video recordings (apparently by cellular phone) were already expecting the anarchist mob, knowing what they were up to since the moment they showed up on the road that led to the target site (see picture on the right).
          The agents leading the march wore blue-ribbon insignia on their breast or near the neck, they took no steps to avoid being identifiably recorded by the video makers who were apparently part of the organization:
       The picture on the right shows another agent with blue ribbon (on his left breast pocket), and in the background a second cameraman with cellular phone.
          The organizers knew that in some areas in West Java there are communities with a particularly primitive understanding of Islam, remainders of the abortive Darul Islam (“Islamic state”) uprising of the 1950-s. Badly educated local religious “teachers” sustain their respected positions in local society by keeping their followers ignorant and relegating religion to blind repetitions of phrases void of any understanding.
          It was thus relatively easy to manipulate them into this action designed to disfigure Indonesian Islam in the eyes of a general public.
            It is noteworthy that the lower body part of the victims were stripped. Some occasional teachers or wardens at religious boarding schools and dormitories reportedly have paedophilic inclinations. This has not only been reported for some Christian organizations in the West, but also for Muslim ones in Indonesia and elsewhere. Some organizing agents and participants of the massacre at Cikeusik seem to have exhibited a heightened interest for the naked lower body part of the young men they victimized, as becomes evident from the picture on the right. It is blurred because it is absolutely unsuitable for minors!
If you are an adult and feel up to seeing it unblurred, you can click on the blurred picture.
It seems quite shocking that the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs puts the blame for the massacre on the local Ahmadiyah leader Suparman (click here)
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Updated (augmented) February 28, 2011.
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