W.M.'s IPA Character GIFs

The following special character GIFs are designed to match the Times font as displayed by Netscape NavigatorTM or CommunicatorTM running on my Macintosh, but may differ in size on different systems. The GIFs have transparent background, and are suitable for use with various background colours and images.

To download the GIFs, either brush the image with your mouse to activate the "Save this Image as..." utility of your browser, or click on the respective caption for individual display of the GIF which can then be downloaded by pressing on "Save As" of the topbar pulldown menu under "File".

The name of the GIF without the .gif ending is given in the caption. A red asterisk (*) after a caption indicates that the <IMG SRC="..."> command for the corresponding GIF should be imbedded in <SUB>...</SUB> to lower the position of the image below the text baseline.

avar avarrot crot erot mrot rrot R_rot vrot
iarc* uarc* yarc* erotarc* mrotarc* crottld oetld epsitld
bllig bstrok dstrok nga* nya*
GIFs for further IPA symbols are planned and will be added here.

Further special character GIFs are available on a separate page.

NOTICE: Be sure to download the character GIFs to your site first, before calling them up in <IMG SRC="..."> declarations on your Web page(s).
Do not under any circumstances place paths in such declarations to GIFs on this site, but always download the GIFs you wish to use to your site first.

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