Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 19:02:31 +0200
      To: "Conference act.indonesia" <>
Subject: Re: dtc: Kopassus Latih 15 Kompi Pasukan Tangani Aceh
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> detikcom - Jakarta, Kopassus saat ini sedang melatih 15 kompi > pasukan dari beberapa kodam dan Kostrad yang akan ditugaskan ke > Aceh. Kopassus akan memberikan pelatihan 'Anti-Gerilya' terhadap > mereka. >  > Demikian disampaikan Danjen Kopassus Mayjen Amirul Isnaeni kepada
Sangat perlu dikhawatirkan, bahwa yang dimaksud dengan "anti-gerilya" ini tidak lain daripada "anti-penduduk", seperti yang sudah-sudah di TimTim, Papua Barat, dan juga di Aceh sampai sekarang.
Salam, Waruno
I'm afraid that the term "anti-guerilla" used by the army speaker with reference to the nature of training being given to the 15 Kopassus platoons to be sent to Aceh is a dead give-away of how the military sees its "mission" there: "anti-guerilla" for the TNI, ever since the New Order came to power, has always meant "anti-population". That's how it had been in East Timor, that's how it's been so far in West Papua and Aceh as well.
If they meant anything else this time around, that would have been such a dramatic, if not outright revolutionary, change in military policies, that it would have been the first and most important aspect of the development to which the speaker would have wanted to call attention.
Seems, they'll never learn.
Sorry, Waruno