Waruno Mahdi’s

Photos taken on an excursion to the Parc Archéologique des Lozes
during the 11th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics

Aussois, France, 22–26 June 2009

(also some photos by colleagues at the 11th ICAL)


On the free afternoon of the 26th (I think it was) of June, Laurent Sagart took us on an excursion to the Parc Archéologique des Lozes near Aussois, to see some early metal-age petroglyphs. I took the opportunity to make some photographs (something I do rather rarely).
The red arrows on the map are supposed to show the route of our excursion in so far as I could still somehow reconstruct from my memory (that is very untrustworthy, hence the big question mark). At one moment while in the park, we in any case gained a view onto the village of Bramans way down in the valley (there's a picture of it below).

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Panoramic view, roughly southeastwards, taken about halfway to the petroglyphs. It will remind you perhaps a little bit of the breathtaking surroundings in which the conference took place. 
(the village of Bramans lies right before the lefthand mountain with the landslide scar on its righthand flank).

Some cute looking lichen, moss, and other vegetation (way beyond my knowledge of biology) at the archeological park.

Here are three of the petroglyphs with sufficient contrast to be registered by my unprofessional cheapo camera (on several other photos I failed to discover anything at all).

This lone tree fascinated me somehow, the way it stood fast, just about vertically, on that steep baren slope. So I just had to take a snapshot of it, even if I almost broke my neck, scrambling down to get the right angle.

Descending to the remote end of the park, we were rewarded with this amazing view of a village down in the valley, that I later found on Google satellite map to be Bramans.
(including the landslide scar on the slope in the rightside background — click HERE and enter “Aussois” in the fill-in facility).

On the way back, as we approached the Centre Paul Langevin again, I risked taking this panorama of Aussois against the light of the late-afternoon sun (that was mercifully screened by a thinnish cumulus cloud) as it prepared to duck behind that mountain on the right. 
The Centre Paul Langevin (conference site) is somewhat further beyond the righthand border of the picture.

Pictures taken by other colleagues at the 11th ICAL

Centre Paul Langevin
(photo: Mike Pangilinan)

A short pause during the excursion to the Parc Archéologique des Lozes.
left to right:
Aone van Engelenhoven, me, Alex François, Laurent Sagart, Wayan Arka, and Antonio Guerreiro.
(photo: Mike Pangilinan)

Tuesday, June 23, Room 3 “Le Rateau
— Session 2: Language contact —
Liao Hsiu-chuan, Steve Quakenbush, Mike Pa- ngilinan, and me.

Wednesday banquet: 
Scott Paauw, Philippe Grangé, Chandra Nuraini, Aone van Engelenhoven, me, Joszef Szakos

Me taking it easy in the front hall.
(photo: Imanishi Kazuhiro) (photos: David Gil)

          More photos made by David Gil at the conference are online on flickr (click on the underlined word)


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