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      When I set up my homepage for the first time in 1995 — proclaimed as “the year of the Internet” by TIME magazine — cruising the World Wide Web and running a personal homepage with links to thematically relevant websites were a novel experience. The homepage, originally having the URL paradox.rz-berlin.mpg.de, moved in February 1997 to w3.rz-berlin.mpg.de/~wm/, and then to the present site in May 2008. 
      At the beginning, the project was not even quite uncontroversial. I am therefore particularly grateful to the head at that time of the institute department where I am employed, Gerhard Ertl, for the explicit permission to run such a homepage, that immediately had the effect of cutting away all red tape. The success story of the worldwide Internet saga that has now radically modified information dispersal, search, and gathering, meanwhile confirms the soundness of the ideas that inspired that project. Indeed, I felt all the more flattered when others took it as an example to likewise set up homepages, or set links to this one. At the same time, countless helpful comments and suggestions from colleagues and netters all over the world played a vital role for the successful development of the page. 
      But “time and tide” progress further. On one hand, one settles down to a somewhat more sedate pace, and is no longer so dextrous in keeping up the homepage — with countless links to be updated — and on the other hand, the appearance of search machines such as Yahoo, AltaVista, etc., and particularly Google, has made such an elaborate collection of links, such as this website had originally been, no longer worthwhile. For this reason, I have now built my personal homepage down to a more manageable “personal” personal homepage. 
      In view of my retirement in June 2008, I have also moved it to an independent provider.

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About Me:

       My main fields of interest are: 
the linguistic and culture history of Indonesia, the morphosyntax of Indonesian Malay, Austronesian historical linguistics, and comparative Southeast-Asian linguistics;
       besides some subsidiary fields of interest, such as: 
evolutionary anthropology  •  sociology & civics  •  chemical engineering & surface science

(as a kid: cycling, swimming, reading;                                   
as a teen: rockets, chemicals, relativity, reading;
                         why I finally ended up as a linguist is a mystery to me too)

     Some more personal things:

  • My background: 
I grew up as multiple third-culture kid (multi-TCK): 
a descendant of 4 generations of mixed marriages — in all upward branches*) — with a Muslim/Christian Eurasian culture-cocktail as parental “first culture”, I went to school in 5 different countries**) from which I contacted a multiplicity of local “second cultures” to combine with above-mentioned “first culture” cocktail into my “third culture” hodge-podge;
ergo, I am a polyglot with hardly any problems communicating with other (what’s that) nationalities, or adapting to other (dito) countries, but since my mother had to move from her appartment into a nursing home, I cannot say where visiting home is.***)
  *)  Including, from East to West: Chinese‡, Sundanese, Lampung, Minangkabau†, Goa-Indian, Arabic, Austrian, Italian, German, Dutchº, Portuguese, English.
‡ – in both maternal and paternal lines; 
† – in at least two paternal branches;
º – in at least two maternal branches.
  **)  Foreign schools in Bangkok and Beijing, local schools in Indonesia, the UK, and Russia.  
  ***)  Up to Feruary 1967, my pasport told me home was in Indonesia; since April 2000 it says that that is in Germany; in between those two dates, even my pasport couldn’t tell me.  
  • My curriculum vitae, perusal of a curiously eventful biography 
    • Number of years spent altogether in each country: 
      Britain—; China—3; Germany—40+x ; Indonesia—5; Netherlands—; Russia—20; Singapore—2; Thailand—3 
    • Number of years I lived in various cities: 
      Bangkok—3; Beijing—3; Berlin (West)—13 / Berlin (reunified)—26+x ; Bogor (W. Java)—5; The Hague—; Moscow—12; Quiddenham (near Norwich)—; Singapore—2; Voronezh—8. 
    • Some other places where I had been at least one week: 
      Artek (Crimea) 1957 ; Athens 1959 ; Beidahe (near Qinhuangdao, Hebei) 1953 ; Hamburg 1961 ; Hongkong 1950-51 ; Ithaca (NY) 2002 ; Jakarta 2004 ; Palembang (S. Sumatra) 1948 ; Paris 1956 ; Sochi (Russian Black-Sea coast) 1959 ; Sri Racha (near Chon Buri) 1950 
    • Memorable (to me) sites I visited: 
      Berlin (West) 1958 ; Great Wall of China 1953 ; Ground Zero (NYC) 2002 ; Heremitage (St-Petersburg) 1958 ; Ming Dynasty Tombs 1952 ; Olympia 1959 ; Pompei 1956 ; Red Square/Kremlin (repeatedly betw. 1957 & 1976) ; Taj Mahal 1994 ; Tangkuban Perahu volcano crater (W. Java) 1955 ; Tiananmen/Forbidden City (repeatedly 1952-53) 
  • Photo gallery of Me over Time    (last update: February 26, 2023)
  • Pages at social networking platforms:
    ⌑  at FaceBook;


      office:     home:
+49 30  8413–5105
+49 30  8413–5106
+49 30  624-76-09 
  snail:   Waruno Mahdi
Faradayweg 4-6
14195 Berlin, Germany
Waruno Mahdi
Nansenstr. 33
12047 Berlin, Germany
                       You will usually find me at the institute department:  
 Abteilung Physikalische Chemie, Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft; 
 (there in building T, room 0.13) 

other participations:

   Member of the Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land. en Volkenkunde, Leiden (KITLV) 
Member of the Deutsch-Indonesische Vereinigung (DIV) 
Member of the Gesellschaft für Psychosoziale Gesundheitsförderung bei Migrantengruppen (GePGeMi) 

     Things I Wrote, and Writings I Contributed to

  • A virtual WebLOG) 
  •  English   US & world politics (updated 2/19/2019)
     Germany & German-speaking neighbors (updated 10/21/2018)
     Indonesia & neighbors (updated 11/9/2019)
     Science & technology (updated 8/10/2019)
     Social anthropology (updated 3/24/2022) 
     Deutsch   Deutschland und die Deutschen (erneuert 29.02.2022)
     Geschehnisse in der Welt (erneuert 13.05.2018)
     Kultur, Ethik, Recht, Politik (erneuert 04.04.2022)
     Migranten, Einwanderer, Muslime, Asylanten usw.                  
    (erneuert 04.04.2022))
     Über Kinder und die Jugend (erneuert 30.08.2017)
     Technik + Wissenschaft (erneuert 08.03.2022)
     Berlin (erneuert 22.09.2020)
     Français   par occasion (actualisé 14.12.2017)
     Bhs. Indonesia   Sejarah & Ilmu Bumi (dpbar. 08-07-2017)
     Adat, Agama, Kebudayaan, Hukum (dpbar. 30-04-2015)
     Bahasa dan Sastra (dpbar. 23-6-2011)
     Politik Internasional (dpbar. 06-10-2017)
     Nederlands   Af en toe (bijgewerkt; 14.10.2017)


         Photos, Pictures, and images
             — some snapshots made by myself or by others —

    Some photo albums on my Facebook account (click on a picture to enter individual picture display series):  

                — Graphic Images & Presentations —

    • Some graphic presentations on chemical and surface-science subjects (in prep.)
    • Some animated graphics (in prep.)


    (for this and all subordinated pages)

          No claim of originality of the information presented here is made, except where author’s copyright is explicitly indicated. Responsibility for the contents is limited to providing access to some available data without making any assertions or providing guarantees either for dependability of the links, or with regard to quality or originality of contents of linked texts and sites, or their safety for either user’s hard and software, or his/her own physical and mental faculties.

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